Covers melon for female face


Facials Melon:

- Melon pulp;

- 1 eggs white;

- Sour fluid.

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Masks banana for combination facial skin


Mask of big banana. Helf mashed medium banana assorted with 1 tsp. Of lemon juice. A mixture was put on face for 15 - 20 min, then rinse with warm water. Medium banana mask can be done permanently. Course - 20 masks.

- 1 teaspoonful of lemon breeding juice.

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Covers ripe banana for very dry face


Medium banana mask. Ripe banana mash with a fork with a fork, throw in the serum into mush and stir - potatoes flour until thick serum. Earlier applying a cover ever oil serum. Cooked a lot to put on a thin layer of skin, how it dries put a second coat. Top facial skin cover with cheesecloth or a thin layer of cotton wool. Keep the cover for 30-40 minutes, then remove with a cotton swab dipped in heartwarming h2o.

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Recipes for scrubs at home


Honey Cleansing Scrub. Melt 2 tbsp. Of natural honey in a water bath (preferably not much heating), cool the mixture and add a breeding juice of 1/2 a lemon and 1 tablespoon millet bran. The cover is great for skin with acne. This mask helps to regenerate a skin and visibly brightens face.

Oat-natural milk gentle scrub. Three tablespoon of rice further chop.

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Masks of potatoes for rule skin


Potatoes cover. Potato mealy (1-2 tablespoons) mixed with 2 tablespoon of 5% hydrogen peroxide. Weight immediately of the mixing apply on face. When it dries (20-25 min), rinse with hot water, acidified with lemon extract (1 tsp. Per cup of aqua).

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Biologically effective substances of plants - essence oils


After a bath or shower is always nice, but for very dry facial skin even request to put on facial skin cream. The purpose of the fluent serum and is to soften a facial skin after washing, swimming pool or sauna. This is required because a water, not to mention the active cleaning substances, flushes out fat components of our facial skin and keeps moisture substance, same "blurring" of her shell protective hydro (aqua - fat), and even as that the latter starts to look same a sieve.

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Masks pear


Pear - the berries has long been known in ancient medicine, and has all the healthy features, which are used for medicinal purposes how comfortably however in cosmetics. Pear liquor has not only analgesic capacity, but is a beautiful antiseptic. Variant vitamins and minerals that do up this miracle strawberries is beneficial to the skin. After applying face care covers of pear facial skin becomes elastic, shine and velvety.

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