Cosmetics and drugs


For a lot of centuries, cosmetics presented so art store, enhance, make or restore a nice of the female aging body. She was considered an art. Today, cosmetic purposes remains unchanged - to shape a person's outside in line with the modern ideal of beauty moves away a outer exterior of a signs of aging and to develop methods for optimal care particularly for the skin.

Used for cosmetic purposes cosmetics - products intended for personal hygiene, prevention of frostbite and sunburn, so properly so masking blemishes n decorating a person's appearance (hair, face, nails, etc.).

Cosmetic hygiene:

Ablution plant and washing and cleaning of the skin: a ox, lotions, soaps, cleansing wash. Creams, oils, shampoos, toothpastes, toning supplements for baths;

Funds with a deodorant, antiseptic or disinfectant affinity, including funds intimate cosmetics;

Tools for a aging body (create-up and tonic), lotions, creams, oils and powders;

Protections with a sun;

Exceptional funds for care of a face;

Means protective nature;

Means toning (including wildcards);

Exceptional protective equipment for the attention of a hands and nails;

Means of decorative cosmetics;

Means for creating color effects on a skin and nails;

Means for masking defects look;

Means bleaching;

Depilatories and facilities for foot care;

Tools for hair attention;

Perfumes and colognes.

Everyone who worries some a heartiness consumer cosmetic products for themselves obliged to spend at least a formal border separating with medical cosmetics. If not, It is possible to easily

To hygiene effects on a aging body for cosmetic. This would not possess been okay if the testing requirements for harmlessness applicable to medical and cosmetic items were the like.

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