Cosmetics and drugs


For a lot of centuries, cosmetics presented so art store, enhance, make or restore a nice of the female aging body. She was considered an art. Today, cosmetic purposes remains unchanged - to shape a person's outside in line with the modern ideal of beauty moves away a outer exterior of a signs of aging and to develop methods for optimal care particularly for the skin.

Used for cosmetic purposes cosmetics - products intended for personal hygiene, prevention of frostbite and sunburn, so properly so masking blemishes n decorating a person's appearance (hair, face, nails, etc.).

Cosmetic hygiene:

Ablution plant and washing and cleaning of the skin: a ox, lotions, soaps, cleansing wash. Creams, oils, shampoos, toothpastes, toning supplements for baths;

Funds with a deodorant, antiseptic or disinfectant affinity, including funds intimate cosmetics;

Tools for a aging body (create-up and tonic), lotions, creams, oils and powders;

Protections with a sun;

Exceptional funds for care of a face;

Means protective nature;

Means toning (including wildcards);

Exceptional protective equipment for the attention of a hands and nails;

Means of decorative cosmetics;

Means for creating color effects on a skin and nails;

Means for masking defects look;

Means bleaching;

Depilatories and facilities for foot care;

Tools for hair attention;

Perfumes and colognes.

Everyone who worries some a heartiness consumer cosmetic products for themselves obliged to spend at least a formal border separating with medical cosmetics. If not, It is possible to easily

To hygiene effects on a aging body for cosmetic. This would not possess been okay if the testing requirements for harmlessness applicable to medical and cosmetic items were the like. However, these requirements can not be compared however that the cosmetic product has no chance to join a medical.

As, for the manufacture of cosmetic items do not demand the license. On the contrary, production, storage and sale of drugs is strictly licensed worldwide.

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